Mosquito Landing Gear

I finally got a few minutes at the bench; and I was able to finish up some loose ends and get some milestones completed. I finished up the landing gear, I need to attach them to the undersides of the wings.  Here’s a picture:

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Beginning the Mosquito

My next model will be a Group Build for 1944.  I chose a DeHavilland Mosquito Fb Mk.VI that will be in the colors of one from 487 Squadron.  This particular subject was chosen as it took part in Operation Jericho, which was the operation to bomb Amiens prison in France, in order to set some resistance fighters free.  The prisoners were due to be executed and were essential in the planning and support for D-Day.

Here is my beginning of the model, the engine nacelles:

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P-40F Warhaw, Finally Based

Now I can truly call this model finished.  With the really nice weather I was able to get the sand on the base to simulate a more arid environment.  So here are a few pictures of the finished model.


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Sprue Cutters Union: May

And…….we’re back.  After being off for a while, John changed the format up a bit and gives us topic monthly.  This month’s question is:

How do you stay in the hobby when you’re away from the bench?

I’ve been away from the bench for a while.  My latest model, a P-40F, has been been finished…all I need is a base for it.  But life has gotten in the way, and I haven’t been able to finish up the base.  The model just sits there, mocking me.  I’ll get to it, soon enough.

So, how do I stay in the hobby…On a nightly basis, I visit the forums at FineScale Modeler, both to keep up to date on the modeling world, and keep track of the group builds that I’m (loosely) participating in.

When I’m not perusing the forums, I’m reading and researching current and future projects.  In this case, I’ve been doing some in depth research on the 315th Fighter Squadron of the US Army Air Force.  This inspiration came from the P-40 that I just finished.  The next project is going to be a Mosquito, and I’m researching Mosquitos of the RAF #487 Squadron.

History and models have a symbiotic relationship for me.  Models help make the history come alive.  Yet, I love to research some of the subjects that I model.

Here’s what some of the other Sprue Cutters have said:


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Pictures of the P-40 before basing

This one has been tough.  Of course, there have been two job changes and loads of snow taking me away from bench time.  But here are a couple of pictures before I base the model.  I’m thinking of a desert theme with some of the extras as parts.

This has been one of the more technical models I’ve built and I really liked the cockpit.  Fit was generally good on the model.  However, I didn’t like the landing gear doors, more specifically how they attached.  And, the particular model is at least 15-20 years old; I got the kit off of eBay.  I found sections of the model to be brittle…I can’t count how many times the radio mast broke off.  Some of the decals slid right off easily, some I had to wrestle with.  Hence…some of the angles of the pictures.

When it’s based, I’ll add some history.

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Sprue Cutters Union #28 – Road Trip

I haven’t written in the last two weeks.  Two weeks ago was a discussion on glue.  I’ve been using the Testors Red Tube and looking for something else.  I use Zap and Testors Clear Parts cement for special applications.  But I used the week to learn about different glues and what other members like.

And, I didn’t post on photography because I only use my Nikon DLSR.  Nothing special.

I don’t belong to a model club, I’m a stay at home modeler.  I think that there is a club in my area, but I don’t think I could get away with going out an extra night….I’m busy enough as it is.  However, I have driven to MosquitoCon.  Last year I took my son, and he loved it.  (I just found the date for this year, and I’m afraid I can’t make it.)

But that’s about it, I’ll drive to local events.

(Side note:  When I travel for work, I will stop and see the local modeling community – shop or show.)

Here are other member’s thoughts on traveling:

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Sprue Cutter’s Union #25 – Time Management

This week’s topic in the Sprue Cutter’s Union is time management.  How do I find or make time to model.

Quite a while ago, I painted Games Workshop Lord of the Rings tabletop figures.  For me, it was a great way to expand my love of Middle Earth and get into a new hobby.  I played the game, and painted figures for quite some time.  Then, most of my friends who played the game slowly moved away or stopped playing.  I found, though, that painting the figures after the kids (who were little at the time) had gone to bed and my wife was at work, was a great way to relax.  I could paint, listen to music, and unwind before bed.

Then, life got in the way.  The kids are growing up, which means many more activities; some that I share with them, and some that I chauffeur.  I put away the Lord of the Rings figures.  Many I sold on eBay.  I sold off most of the Citadel paints, and most of the tools.

Fast forward to almost three years ago.  I was looking for something to do, to unwind before bed.  I remembered that I built models almost 30 years ago, and I liked painting the miniature figures – so I looked at the hobby again.  And BAM, I was back.  So where do I find the time?

I generally have to make time.  The general plan is to try and get to the bench for a little every night.  Invariably, I’ll come home from work, make dinner, walk the dog, make lunches, do some chores, hang out with the kids.  Then it is to the bench.  That’s if I’m lucky.  Unfortunately, life has other ideas.  I block out the time, but I don’t always get there.  And I don’t want to model because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to.

This seems to work out pretty well, though I seem to take way longer to finish a build then I would like – and certainly longer than I’m capable of finishing.  And it plays havoc with group builds that I’m in.

Fortunately, I don’t have a stash.

Here are other Sprue Cutters’ thoughts:

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