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World War II Tactical Fighter-Bomber Terms and Abbreviations

In reading P-47 pilot’s memoirs I come across plenty of jargon, slang, and abbreviations; most of which I remember.  There are some terms I’m still looking for definitions, and I suspect I’ll be adding to the list the more I … Continue reading

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P-47 Pilots Books and Memoirs

To learn more about tactical air force pilots, squadrons, and history I’ve taken up reading pilot memoirs and autobiographies.  As such, I’ve compiled a list of the books I’ve read, in alphabetical order by pilot.  As I add to the … Continue reading

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P-47 Videos

This post is mostly so I don’t lose some links to cool P-47 videos. As I find other videos, I’ll add them here.

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Back Online

Wow, it has been a long time. When I look at the last post on the blog, I see a date of August 28, 2015…sheesh, almost two and a half years. So, what’s been up?  And where is this blog … Continue reading

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Sprue Cutters Union – Invisible Detail

I haven’t blogged much lately, in fact, I haven’t been at the bench much either.  I’ve wanted to, but life has gotten in the way.  I have one kit to fix due to a horrible accident where a model actually … Continue reading

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Sprue Cutter’s Union: Old Dog, New Tricks

Though, I don’t like to think of myself as old; and I certainly haven’t been back to modeling for very long, maybe a couple of years – there are some new tricks to be learned.  2015 has me finishing up … Continue reading

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Nose Art

Here’s an interesting site.  I was looking at different P-47 pictures, when I came across a site of the Bug, which I built a long time ago.  This site contains information on planes with nose art.  None of my other … Continue reading

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