Sprue Cutters Union – Invisible Detail

I haven’t blogged much lately, in fact, I haven’t been at the bench much either.  I’ve wanted to, but life has gotten in the way.  I have one kit to fix due to a horrible accident where a model actually attempted flight.  And, I  have to finish up the Mosquito.  I find I’m being drawn to 1:1 scale planes…and not necessarily models.

However, I learned that the Sprue Cutters Union has a new home, and I have scant few days to get a post up for this month.  The topic is:  Do you paint/finish/detail areas of a model that will never be seen?

My answer:

Some quick background:  as I do not have a dedicated display area for my models, I’ve purchase individual cases for each model.  Each model sits on a base (that I’ve worked on as well) and rests under a clear acrylic case.

So, no, I usually do not detail places that can not be seen.  Behind the instrument panel, behind the seat, behind the visible portions of the engine….I will paint and detail just enough in case someone is looking at a funny angle.  As for wheel wells and bombay doors, those I’ll give a little more detail as there is a greater chance of visibility.

For the most part, the answer is no.

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