Sprue Cutter’s Union: Old Dog, New Tricks

Though, I don’t like to think of myself as old; and I certainly haven’t been back to modeling for very long, maybe a couple of years – there are some new tricks to be learned.  2015 has me finishing up a model that I’ve been working on for most of 2014.  And, I have a couple I want to get to this year.  I’m ecstatic that the Union is back, and our new topic is:

What new products/techniques will you purchase/attempt this year?

I have three ideas in mind for this year.

1.  The Tamyia Mosquito I’m working on has decals for an instrument panel.  Of course, the decals don’t fit the plastic perfectly.  And cutting them will only make the IP look funny.  This year, I’d like to try adding photo etched parts, maybe only a few, to my cockpits.  I don’t mind the painting of the detail spots, or dry brushing to make the detail pop.  I’ve seen lots of model with photo etched parts, and those cockpits usually look outstanding.

2.  I’m working on my second model that will have a camouflage paint scheme.  While my first model came out looking “ok,” I free-handed the camo, and it sort of looks like it.  I’d like to try the silly putty method of adding camouflage to the model – I’ve seen a bunch of HowTos, and the results look really good.

3. This last one is a maybe, and will depend on what I’m building.  I’ve never built a plane in a Natural Metal Finish scheme.  Depending on subjects, I may actually give this a whirl.  But, I’m adding it as it may actually come to pass.

So, as I move through the year, I’ll document what I try, and you’ll be able to see the results here.

Here are some results from other SCU members:






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