Sprue Cutters Union #28 – Road Trip

I haven’t written in the last two weeks.  Two weeks ago was a discussion on glue.  I’ve been using the Testors Red Tube and looking for something else.  I use Zap and Testors Clear Parts cement for special applications.  But I used the week to learn about different glues and what other members like.

And, I didn’t post on photography because I only use my Nikon DLSR.  Nothing special.

I don’t belong to a model club, I’m a stay at home modeler.  I think that there is a club in my area, but I don’t think I could get away with going out an extra night….I’m busy enough as it is.  However, I have driven to MosquitoCon.  Last year I took my son, and he loved it.  (I just found the date for this year, and I’m afraid I can’t make it.)

But that’s about it, I’ll drive to local events.

(Side note:  When I travel for work, I will stop and see the local modeling community – shop or show.)

Here are other member’s thoughts on traveling:

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2 Responses to Sprue Cutters Union #28 – Road Trip

  1. Jon B says:

    Hey Greg, where you from? I try to make Mosquito Con every year as well. I went last year, but likewise, I will not be able to go in 2014. Disappointing.

  2. bagend says:

    I’m on the Jersey Shore, right outside Red Bank.

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