315 Fighter Squadron

I’m looking for any and all information on the U.S. Army Air Force 315 Fighter Squadron.  A brief history is here.  In working on my P-40, I went to research the fighter squadron and found that there is not a lot of information out there on the 315th.  (Googling it comes up with many many results for the famous Polish 315th that fought in the Battle of Britain.)

I’ve written away for copies of the records that the Air Force has.  And, I’ve got issues 2 and 3 of volume 1 of Spearhead, the newsletter of the 324th Fighter group coming to me.

However, I’m looking for any kind of records…digital would be great, as would copies of pictures and records.  Surprisingly, there are not (m)any pictures online of the 315th.  In fact, there is not a web site dedicated to the 315th Fighter Squadron or 324th Fighter Group.  It appears that at one time there was a 324fighter.com (or org,) neither site is in existence and could not be found in the Wayback Machine.

I’m looking for the book Odyssey of the 324th Fighter Group.

I’m looking for volume one, issue one of Spearhead, the newsletter of the 324th Fighter Group.

I’m looking for patches of the 315th (and 324 as well.)

Contact me if you have any information

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7 Responses to 315 Fighter Squadron

  1. Steve says:

    I have a copy of Odyssey of the 324th Fighter Group that belonged to my grandfather. It’s in poor condition but I am working on scanning it into digital files. If you have any documents related to the 324 fighter group, specifically the 315 squadron, I would be interested in trading some with you.

  2. platetone says:

    Hey! I’m researching my grandfather’s time in the war, based mostly on a detailed flight record he kept (in the process of scanning, and can share if you’re interested). He was briefly in the 315th between 14 October and 17 December 1943, before being shipped to the Burma theater. During his time in the 315th, he flew P-40 L’s and F’s, mostly on dive bombing runs in Naples.

    I would really be interested in anything about this time in particular. I have a lot of photos from his war years, but am only now trying to sort out exactly when and where they were taken (they seem on the surface mostly to be from US bases before being deployed).

    The only other thing of much interest I’ve found is this interview with a mechanic in the 315th, you might be interested: https://donmooreswartales.com/2012/04/20/richard-nolan/

    • Greg says:

      Awesome! I would love to see a copy of the flight records. I have some documents to share with you. I’ll get in contact.


  3. Toby says:

    If you are still needing a scanned copy of the Odyssey of the 324th Fighter Group, contact me. My dad served with the 324th, in the 316th Fighter Squadron. His copy of the Odyssey was ruined by his kids (including me), but about 20 years ago, I was able to purchase another copy that belonged to Elmer Hoffman (not real sure of the spelling) who also served in the 316th. This copy was scanned by Angelo State University in San Angelo for their display of Veterans from San Angelo. They provided me with the scans of the complete book.

    • Greg says:

      Thanks for the note. Actually, I have come across a copy of the book. A scanned copy can be found in the War Diaries of the 324th Fighter Group. If you would like that information, let me know.

  4. Sarah Hudson says:

    Did you ever get any information? My grandfather served in the 315th. I have a cd of pictures as well as The Odyessy of the 324th. (I’m not willing to part with.)
    The guy who ran the website for the 324th I believe was either someone who served in the group or was the son of someone.

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