Sprue Cutters Union 23: Something to Talk About

It’s been a while since the Sprue Cutter’s Union had a topic, and this week is an interesting one.  I look forward to reading some of the ideas from my fellow Cutters.  The topic this week:  What three topics would you like to see addressed?  It took me a while to come up with some topics, and I admit one is stronger than the others.  And since I joined the Union later, I don’t know if they have been addressed.  My three topics are:

  1. If you could work on the other side of the hobby what would you do?  And, by other side of the hobby, I mean or include:  retail, manufacturing, marketing….or something else.
  2. What got you into the hobby, or brought you back in if you have come back to modeling?
  3. What are your causes of “modeler’s block” and how do you get over it?

I can’t wait to discuss some of these topics and suggestions from others.

Here is what others had to say:

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One Response to Sprue Cutters Union 23: Something to Talk About

  1. Jon Bybee says:

    I like these a lot. Modeler’s block is very common

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