Sprue Cutter’s Union #22 – The Stash

This week’s question, show us the stash.  So, without further ado:


















Yep….No stash.  I’ve only had a stash once, and that was when I was finishing up one model and I happened to get the next one in before I finished.  I tend to plan, research (and obsess) before I build the next model.  Sometimes that “research” ends up taking longer that anticipated.  And really, I don’t think too much beyond the next model – partly a factor of time, and partly because my tastes and whimsical fancy changes so much.

What’s interesting is the family doesn’t get me a kit unless I explicitly ask for it; which means that there is no “accidental” stash.

So, unfortunately, no stash.

I do look with envy at others’ stashes….some of those stashes are huge!

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2 Responses to Sprue Cutter’s Union #22 – The Stash

  1. Shayne says:

    HAHAHA At first i thought the picture is not loading…..very clever. I have just been fortunate to collect many kits over many years, nice to keep it lean.

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