Sprue Cutter’s Union #21 – The Bench

This week, the question posted is:  Show us where the magic happens.  So, without further ado, here’s the bench (explanation below):

Ok, a little explanation.  The curio shelf in the back right is my wife’s – she’s used it to display sculpted clay heads.  Currently on the bench (in pieces) is AMT’s P-40F Warhawk, which I’m building for a 1943 group build.  The box is on the left in the foreground, the pieces on the cutting mat.  To the right in the foreground is the laptop, for entertainment and research.  Currently, it is the resting place for a sprue that has been painted.

The pile of books in the back left is a pile of reference materials.  Those books haven’t made their way to a shelf yet.  They will.  Behind the books is a model rocket that my son and I built – we just need a motor for it.

To the right of the books is my Ott Light.  That was given to me by my parents a long time ago when I painted Games Workshop figures.  I like the light it throws out.  (Right next to the Ott Light is a glass of sand, that is going to be used to base a model.)

Behind the sand is my homemade shelving for paints and tools.  There are about 20 (or so) Vallejo Model Color paints (and some on the desk itself.)  I brushpaint and find that I like Vallejo the best.  I think there are some Model Masters in there as well.  The lower “shelf” has the hand tools.  Incidentally, the shelving was made from blocks that were once the kids’.

The brown wooden box in front of the Future contains an odd assortment of knives and cutting tools that were my grandfather’s at one time.  I really only use the Xacto knife, but it is kind of cool having some older tools.

That’s pretty much it.

Here are the benches for other Sprue Cutters:

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4 Responses to Sprue Cutter’s Union #21 – The Bench

  1. Jon B says:

    Great little space you’ve got there! I too have an assortment of carving tools that were my grandfather’s that I never use but for some reason keep around. Good post!

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  3. Shayne says:

    Nice read and a varied assortment of old and new items….

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