Sprue Cutter’s Union #20 – The Wish List

This week’s question is “What do you have on your wish list?”

I find this a tough question to answer.  I don’t have a stash; I plan my models by the next group build that I’ll participate in, so I don’t have many wishes for kits.  It took me a while to come up with some items for a list.  Here goes:

1.  Money would be nice.  But, I’m not asking it for myself.  Rather, I would love to make donations to some organizations that do some important work somewhat related to my hobby:

  • The Collings Foundation – I’ve seen the 909, Witchcraft, and the Betty Jane before.  It was great to walk through the bombers and see them up close.  At some point I’d like a ride in the B-17, but there’s no rush on that.  And, I just saw in their newsletter that the Collings Foundation has acquired a P-40.  I hope that that plane goes on tour as well.  The Collings Foundation does great work bringing these planes to the public, and I’d love to help them more than just visiting them when they come to town.
  • The National WWII Museum – Here is another organization that brings our history alive.  I have not been to the museum, I would love to go.  I see that they have a convention in the summer, and that would be great to attend as well.  I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, going here would be on the list.

2. Number two on my list are some assorted tools.  I want to try Tamyia’s masking tape, as I feel that’s an area I could use improvement in.  (Does anyone like painting canopies?)  I could also use a new pin vice…I got one a while back, and the bits are fine, but the drill part seems cheap, and doesn’t hold the bits like I would like.

3.  A display case would be nice.  I have those small plastic display cases, but shortly I’m going to want a display case.  A display case, to my eye, is nicer than the individual cases I currently employ.  Of course, that will entail some modifications to the house, but that’s another story.

4.  Finally, I hope my fellow modelers get what they desire during the holidays, especially good health.

Bonus wish (not really related): I wouldn’t mind the Islanders returning to their winning ways….This past month of games has been downright awful.

Here are what other SprueCutters are wishing for:

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