Sprue Cutters Union 19: Back in Black

[I’ve been following the Sprue Cutter’s Union and decided to start adding my thoughts.  I figure it will keep me engaged in my hobby even when I can’t get to the bench to build.  So yes, there will be more posts on this site; hopefully both historical and of the models.]

This week’s topic:  What did you score this Black Friday weekend?

I’ll answer that now, even though it is before Thanksgiving and “Black Friday.”

Those that have visited this blog in the past know that I can go a long time between commencement and the finish of a model.  Actually, the first two models documented here were completed (relatively) quickly.  I got bogged down with the P-40F because I changed jobs, to a job that took me away from the bench for significant periods of time – mostly due to a long commute.  Just recently, I have changed jobs again, to a job that is much much closer to home – gaining back precious time to be able to build.

So, what did I score this “Black Friday”?  Time.  My company is off both Thanksgiving, and the Friday after.  I’ll have plenty of time (even WITH the other family activities) to work.  And I look forward to it.  My plans are to make great strides in finishing off the P-40.  Heck, the group build that the model is for closes out at the end of the year – I had better be done by then.

As for what I’ll shop for:  probably nothing.  I’ll enjoy the time.

Links to this week’s posts:

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One Response to Sprue Cutters Union 19: Back in Black

  1. Jon B says:

    Great post! Welcome to the Union, look forward to more!

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