Hello world!

As I have just recently gotten back in to building scale models, I thought I would create a place to describe, document and show the models I build.

I probably built my first models about thirty years ago as a little kid.  And, like many, have found my way back into the hobby.  My first model (that I remember) was a 1/48 F-104 Starfighter.  My next models (in random order) were a 1/48 F-86 Sabre Jet, a 1/48 A-4 Skyhawk, and (I believe) a 1/72 F-16.  I think I tried a ship, too.  All of the planes were manufactured by Monogram.  Sadly, I can’t find them.  They “were” in the attic; though while searching up there just recently I can’t find ANY of them.

I stopped building models before high school as high school life intruded on model making.  I remember the models were BUILT ok, but I remember the paint and decals were not that good.

Many years ago, I sort-of got back in to the hobby by way of the Lord Of The Rings tabletop battle game by Games Workshop.  What was great about this game was that you had to paint all of your figures.  And here is where I learned what little painting skills I now possess.  Unfortunately, my friends that played the game either stopped playing or moved away – and again, I got out of the hobby.

I’ve gotten back into the hobby and I’m trying to build upon what I’ve learned in the past.  It will be neat to see how the models progress as I learn new skills and perfect upon what I know.

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