Sprue Cutters Union – Invisible Detail

I haven’t blogged much lately, in fact, I haven’t been at the bench much either.  I’ve wanted to, but life has gotten in the way.  I have one kit to fix due to a horrible accident where a model actually attempted flight.  And, I  have to finish up the Mosquito.  I find I’m being drawn to 1:1 scale planes…and not necessarily models.

However, I learned that the Sprue Cutters Union has a new home, and I have scant few days to get a post up for this month.  The topic is:  Do you paint/finish/detail areas of a model that will never be seen?

My answer:

Some quick background:  as I do not have a dedicated display area for my models, I’ve purchase individual cases for each model.  Each model sits on a base (that I’ve worked on as well) and rests under a clear acrylic case.

So, no, I usually do not detail places that can not be seen.  Behind the instrument panel, behind the seat, behind the visible portions of the engine….I will paint and detail just enough in case someone is looking at a funny angle.  As for wheel wells and bombay doors, those I’ll give a little more detail as there is a greater chance of visibility.

For the most part, the answer is no.

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Sprue Cutter’s Union: Old Dog, New Tricks

Though, I don’t like to think of myself as old; and I certainly haven’t been back to modeling for very long, maybe a couple of years – there are some new tricks to be learned.  2015 has me finishing up a model that I’ve been working on for most of 2014.  And, I have a couple I want to get to this year.  I’m ecstatic that the Union is back, and our new topic is:

What new products/techniques will you purchase/attempt this year?

I have three ideas in mind for this year.

1.  The Tamyia Mosquito I’m working on has decals for an instrument panel.  Of course, the decals don’t fit the plastic perfectly.  And cutting them will only make the IP look funny.  This year, I’d like to try adding photo etched parts, maybe only a few, to my cockpits.  I don’t mind the painting of the detail spots, or dry brushing to make the detail pop.  I’ve seen lots of model with photo etched parts, and those cockpits usually look outstanding.

2.  I’m working on my second model that will have a camouflage paint scheme.  While my first model came out looking “ok,” I free-handed the camo, and it sort of looks like it.  I’d like to try the silly putty method of adding camouflage to the model – I’ve seen a bunch of HowTos, and the results look really good.

3. This last one is a maybe, and will depend on what I’m building.  I’ve never built a plane in a Natural Metal Finish scheme.  Depending on subjects, I may actually give this a whirl.  But, I’m adding it as it may actually come to pass.

So, as I move through the year, I’ll document what I try, and you’ll be able to see the results here.

Here are some results from other SCU members:






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Nose Art

Here’s an interesting site.  I was looking at different P-47 pictures, when I came across a site of the Bug, which I built a long time ago.  This site contains information on planes with nose art.  None of my other builds have appeared here, but none have had the same caliber nose art as the Bug.



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Mosquito Landing Gear

I finally got a few minutes at the bench; and I was able to finish up some loose ends and get some milestones completed. I finished up the landing gear, I need to attach them to the undersides of the wings.  Here’s a picture:

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Beginning the Mosquito

My next model will be a Group Build for 1944.  I chose a DeHavilland Mosquito Fb Mk.VI that will be in the colors of one from 487 Squadron.  This particular subject was chosen as it took part in Operation Jericho, which was the operation to bomb Amiens prison in France, in order to set some resistance fighters free.  The prisoners were due to be executed and were essential in the planning and support for D-Day.

Here is my beginning of the model, the engine nacelles:

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P-40F Warhaw, Finally Based

Now I can truly call this model finished.  With the really nice weather I was able to get the sand on the base to simulate a more arid environment.  So here are a few pictures of the finished model.


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Sprue Cutters Union: May

And…….we’re back.  After being off for a while, John changed the format up a bit and gives us topic monthly.  This month’s question is:

How do you stay in the hobby when you’re away from the bench?

I’ve been away from the bench for a while.  My latest model, a P-40F, has been been finished…all I need is a base for it.  But life has gotten in the way, and I haven’t been able to finish up the base.  The model just sits there, mocking me.  I’ll get to it, soon enough.

So, how do I stay in the hobby…On a nightly basis, I visit the forums at FineScale Modeler, both to keep up to date on the modeling world, and keep track of the group builds that I’m (loosely) participating in.

When I’m not perusing the forums, I’m reading and researching current and future projects.  In this case, I’ve been doing some in depth research on the 315th Fighter Squadron of the US Army Air Force.  This inspiration came from the P-40 that I just finished.  The next project is going to be a Mosquito, and I’m researching Mosquitos of the RAF #487 Squadron.

History and models have a symbiotic relationship for me.  Models help make the history come alive.  Yet, I love to research some of the subjects that I model.

Here’s what some of the other Sprue Cutters have said:


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